A Unique Approach to Learning that Puts YOU First

We are not cookie cutters. Nor are our lives. IndiCrow Academy is premised on the notion of easily accessible education that WORKS. Based in well-tested methods, the original training I offer here is designed to get you into a unique conversation with you.

A little more about my background and why I developed this school!


Academic Background with Formal Lecturing Experience

University educated and experienced, I hold a Ba(h), MA (distinction) and worked my way to the end of a PhD in social anthropology. (Ultimately leaving to open this school. It was time.) During this phase I trained under world-class scholars, presented original research at international conferences, and worked in a co-design lead position on examining engagement in digital education focused programming. (The first of its kind at that university, might I add.) I was known as an ethics whiz kid, renowned for my ability to work cross discipline. I fused social, economic, and psychological theories to create layered understandings of emotional, cultural, and financial related conditions underlying whatever 'theme' we were examining. I worked on over 15 research teams on projects ranging from healthcare funding distribution to social enterprise to economic policy.  My personal research focus tended to flow around economic distribution, social reproduction with a focus on the household, policy (governance) and community development. I was (and still am) fascinated by the nuts and bolts of how things work. In my opinion, when we see those base factors and understand them with clarity, we can improve how things work.

An excellent communicator, I was accepted into an accelerated teaching program at the age of 21 while still a BA student. This marked the beginning of ten years of university level teaching. This included TA work, independent course design, and by the age of 26, teaching full university courses. This continued until I retired in 2016 to open IndiCrow Academy. The formal teaching training and classroom hours experience show in my ability to create the streamlined, self-guided study programming that you find here. I got the skills to do this at a university level (and was a sought after up and coming young lecturer there). This makes what you find at the Academy distinct from what many other spiritual teachers are able to offer.

*This is the second version of IndiCrow Academy.  My old school was closed because of drastic and sudden changes with the host that were tragic but brought me here, to a much happier internet home.*

Tried, Tested, and True Methods that I Developed Myself

I am an innovator who is always creating. Born 'awake', I most specifically began the part of my journey that brought me here today through the course of having a teenage bout of cancer, crossing over, coming back in and being led by my own soul and the gentle love of this planet to find a way to heal and be myself again.

Over the course of about ten years, I trained myself on how to reconnect my soul to my body. I figured out how things like being an empath and energy centers and communicating with animals worked. From there, I remembered how to take care of the earth. The next ten years were spent traveling it, teaching classes, and further developing my teachings.

Some of the basics you find here:

1) The earth has always got our back. Grounding to the crystalline part of it as opposed to the metallic parts (which is our natural grounding point through hemoglobin) made it easier to get to a high vibration and stay there. Crystals ring higher than iron. (This is why we anchor to the crystalline earth as part of my process.)

2) The Universe is an energy system that runs on pure love and we are part of it. When we reconnect to and purposely work with that harmonic, we are able to magnify it within ourselves (and beyond). Our lives become filled with and act as an extension of universal love. (This is the 'connect' part in 'breathe, ground, connect'.)

3) Our soul is a never-ending and unique fountain of knowledge. We each are sacred and have sacred gifts. Tuning into that part of our soul is the ideal source of guidance that we are meant to be living with. (This is the soul compass part in Soul Compass.)

4) We all have the propensity to do deep soul and energy body healing that translates into a state of physical well-being and experience that far surpasses what we consider the 'norm' of human potential. (This underlies my core message).

What I teach in my programs are a tried and true pathway to you. Through that, to exploring the wonders of this Universe in a way that is safe and grounded. For now, I save those conversations for Crow Medicine podcasts, private training, and perhaps about a year of allowing this new phase to build.

Tri-partite Approach Focusing on Body, Soul, and Planet 

The methods you find here are those that I have developed as part of this journey. I call in the body, soul, planet approach. Why?  My basic philosophy includes a tri-partite approach that takes body, soul, and planet as part of our process to harmonization, health and well-being. This approach is all about getting to know our souls, reconnecting to and healing our soul and energy body relationship, and forming healthy connections to this planet.  

Within this framework, there are two specific 'themes' of training that I currently engage with.  Energy management and Soul Healing. 

Energy Management
The energy management focus at the introductory level of training is most specifically on bringing focus, grounding, and clarity into our day to day lives.   This material is not necessarily 'spiritual' and thus is likely to appeal to people who are seeking a more direct connection with things like focus, becoming aware of your unseen senses and how to put them to work in a specific contexts. This could be places like on the sports field, while creating art, or at work. We do this without going too deep into philosophy on the nature of the soul or the planet. (There is always a bit of that in my training because connecting to the planet and the universe is my 'anchor' point for stabilization.)

Soul Healing and Sacred Connection
 The second tier of my training is more specifically what people would call 'spiritual'. Building off of the body, soul, and planet connection that you learn in 'Breathe, Ground, Connect', learners are invited to extend the method in Soul Compass (and beyond). In my view, a major goal of spiritual inquiry is to get to know your soul. Through self-connection and awareness we heal, we thrive, and we live our best lives in strength and clarity. For that reason, my method is focused specifically on forming a connection to you. 

What you find here is guidance on how to connect to your soul and work with this sacred part of yourself as a tool for guidance, healing, and inspiration your whole life. *What you do not find here are conversations about spirit guides, instructions on how to channel, or any form of spiritual philosophy that puts your power outside of yourself. That type of orientation creates dependencies and puts people in dangerous situations. That is not safe. I love safety. It is also not 'our point'. You, we, us, WE are the sacred soul spark and through that, we can connect to the Universe and our specific gifts.

Accessing my ProgramsThe best place to start out in my school is with 'Breathe, Ground, Connect'. It is here that you learn the basic philosophy oh how to command your energy field through meditation, stabilizing with earth. and harmonizing to the universe. The skills you learn here open the door to a never-ending treasure trove of self-discovery that we launch into in 'Soul Compass'. Learning how to hear and heal your own soul (and thus, embracing your INNER HEALER that we all have) is empowering. Not to mention, once you get to hear that soul part of yourself you realize that it is a key to the wisdom of the universe. Cool, right?

Youth Oriented Material 
Working with young people is my favourite thing. I have a special youth arm of my programming, support family learning, and happily tailor material to what our young friends require. As an energy awake young person, I have a special love for others in that position. I strive to provide them with fun and safe information that they may work with to improve their lives. For them, what I teach is basics 101.

Private ConsultationPlease note that I no longer do 'soul healing' sessions for people. This is primarily because I developed Soul Compass so anyone seeking support could learn how to do it for themselves. I do create soul healing plans and packages and advise people on their empowered pathway. I love training people in specific contexts. I have worked with people ranging from 3 year olds to lawyers to social workers to athletes to planetary caretakers and other spiritual teachers. Email me with an inquiry about your basic theme of exploration. If it feels aligned, we can set up a zoom to chat it out. 

Some of My Other Learning Projects

Crow-Medicine is my public teaching and spiritual lifestyle blog. Visit it at www.crow-medicine.com.

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Crow-Medicine with Katie is my original podcast celebrating life on this changing planet.  FInd me on Spotify, google podcasts, anchor, pocketcasts, and an ever growing list. I host all my multi-media creations at www.crowmedicinemedia.com.

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Building Solid Foundations 

Program of Training: The website you are visiting today is phase 2 of IndiCrow Academy. This is part of a planned relocation and expansion. 

Thank you for considering learning at my school. Click 'view all courses' to see what I am offering. 'Breathe, Ground, and Connect' is a GREAT place to start. 

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