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How to Become Spiritually Un-Eff-With-Able 

*Full release available now!   Being spiritually uneffwithable means knowing your vibe & protecting it. It means knowing the power of love but not taking ISH from anybody. It means using energy tools & your spiritual skills to live a good life. In this course, learn the baseline tools you may use to be uneffwithable in everyday life with. This includes higher self-connection, energy field maintenance, and most importantly: discernment (aka how to tell if this is 'right' or 'good' for you, or not). Tools for everyday success & quality of life improvement.

Are you a student to 'Breathe, Ground, Connect', 'Auric Field Clinic' or 'How to Hear and Heal Your Soul?* If so, check your student folder at the very end of your course for a special gift and note. This course builds on what you started!

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Skills for everyday power, success, and spiritual safety

  • Practical tools to align your energy for success and clarity in daily tasks: work, school, taking care of the Universe, being with children. It all counts.
  • Refine and define your connection to your higher self and learn how to work with your higher-self knowing in every day life.
  • Daily energy field and auric field repair activities to maintain your boundaries, power, and clear intuitive connection.
  • This course helps you build a safe grounding upon which to advance your skills & gives the tools to do that with.
  • You receive it at a take at your own pace. self-access learning set of 4 units.  I recommend you take 3-4 months to work through it. 

    Material is a mixed media approach to engage all learning layers and types. It includes video lectures, readings, and guided video meditations. There are also bits for you to get out in the world and do on your own!

Develop an uneffwithable lifestyle

Being spiritually un-eff-withable is a lifestyle.  It means that you work with your metaphysical skills like your intuition and your ability to align your energy as part of your everyday life.

With an everyday success orientation, this training is all about how metaphysics can lead to a good life. The state of our energy bodies and our spiritual well-being plays out in how we feel and to what level we can perform in our everyday lives.

In this course, you will learn daily tools to get and keep your energy body strong and clear. You will also develop your intuitive self-connection to be able to tap into your higher self in any moment. Most importantly? You will learn the skill of discernment: aka, to develop your internal BS meter as well as the compass that leads you to the people, places, and opportunities that are going to benefit your development.

Tools to remain clear, connected, and spiritually strong

When you know the sound of your higher self, how to tell if something is in your best interests (or not) and how to work with metaphysics to craft your life path for success, you are uneffwithable. You are able to approach life's challenges and triumphs with a sense of confidence and grace.

The everyday metaphysical tools that I teach you here are the ones that I believe everyone should know to have a good life. I put this course together so that anyone seeking to refine their existing practice could come here and get some EFFECTIVE pointers to further their craft. This is also a great space for people just starting to think about these things to begin!

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Katie IndiCrow

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Patrick Jones - Course author
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