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As you read on the entry page, IndiCrow Academy has recently re-opened to full steam. 
Methods here follow three directions:

1) Training students on self-connection, soul-healing and intuitive development. This includes once a year training on Earth Align, a modality of energy alignment and soul healing I developed.

 2) Earth connection and healing yourself with Earth energy. Building beyond that, I also train people on how to take care of Earth as an energy system and being.

3) How to be spiritually uneffwithable. Perfect for people who are interested in sharpening up their metaphysical skills for quality of life enhancement. Great for the 'everyday' person as well as people who are engaged in more depth of care work to Earth. 

For more information on the school, suggested course path, or me visit the main page!

Current Course Offerings

All of my training layers together. Being with 'Breathe, Ground, Connect' to learn energy pillar and the basics of energy management. Visit 'How to Be Spiritually Uneffwithable' for a well-rounded and grounded baseline of intuitive self-connection, energy management, and metaphysics for daily success.

Looking to get into Earth healing or to be healed by Earth? Earth Align and, when available, Earth Medicine are perfect for that.

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