A note to all students

Returns and Refund Policy

This is my policy on returns and refunds. Please review.

 Courses  - A student who purchases a 'self-study' course is entitled to a refund within one hour of making their purchase. After that, no refunds are granted.

-   A student who has pre-registered for a course is entitled to 100% refund up until the course begins.

-  A student who chooses to unenroll from a class after it has begun is not entitled to any form of refund.

-  A student who has paid a pre-registration seat holding fee is entitled to have that fee taken off of their total tuition.

- A student who has paid a pre-registration holding fee but not their tuition is not eligible for their hold fee back if they abandon their reserved seat prior to starting the class.

-  A student who misses any 'live' class gatherings is not entitled to any form of refund for not being present. These are 'value added' and something I do for fun and expanded learning.

Respectful Classrooms Clause
Students who are identified as having a negative or damaging attitude to Katie, the Academy, or other students may be removed from the Academy. They are not entitled to any form of refund or back pay. 

If a student or registrant to a live course or self-study course is disrespectful to Katie, the programs, or poses a threat to the safe and healthy learning environment of others, they are removed. They may email Katie to request reinstatement.  

-  A student who is on a payment plan who cannot continue to make them is encouraged to contact [email protected] to request payment relief. I would most often rather keep you in the learning program than see you walk away.

Any student may contact me through the school inbox (via your student profile) OR via email to [email protected]
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