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Breathe, Ground, Connect: Foundations of Energy Management

*A great place to start for those new to IndiCrow Academy* .

This program delivers the fundamentals of the "Breathe, Ground, Connect" energy management strategy designed by me, Katie IndiCrow. Come learn an energy tool that a) repairs your auric field, b) helps lift and maintain your vibration and c) dials you into your connection with the Universe. 

Learn how to recognize your own energy management needs. Discover grounded guidance on how to put this effective practice to use in ways that work *for you*.

*Not seeking a long study? This is a GREAT option. Designed to be learned in three to four weeks, there is not a lot of reading or writing. Rather, the onus here is on listening and doing. Sign up for  of me talking about the tool and showing you how it works by leading you through it in different ways. The rest is up to you.*

This program is especially useful for the energy sensitive crew out there seeking something to stay in their energy and feeling themselves.

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What's included?

  • A mixed media learning program including:

     - An exclusive guided video meditation video of me walking you through the pillar exercise that you are able to download and take with you anywhere. 

    - Content delivered in short videos of me explaining the tool and how to work with it.

     - Printable pdf version of the different steps of the tool layers.

     - This is a core level course. Studying this prepares you for engagement in all the more advanced programming I will be releasing fall 2022 and on.
    - Makes you a priority client for when I return to energy management sessions. Students will get first dibs on sessions as well as special prices.

    *All course material easily scalable to home-school or extended family learning.*

  • A fun and informative little learning that includes inspiration on how you will figure out how to bring energy management into YOUR LIFE. 

  • A set of skills that are easily scalable and brought into any environment including: Sporting events, the office, household, the mall, in the car (and anywhere you may need to stay calm or have a minute to get a  vibration lift).

Designed to be Studied At Your Pace and Fit Into Your Life

Materials are mixed media to be engaging to learners of various sorts. There are audio lectures, meditation videos as the main vehicles of information delivery. Key points, and suggestions of how to put this to work for you that are both spoken and jotted down. 

How does this work? Getting into and working with the method you learn here as part of your energy management strategy helps us to get lifted and stay there (vibrationally and perspective wise). It also helps us energy sensitive people manage the regular accumulation of day-to-day life with relatively little 'work'. Sign up for this program to learn how to work with this unique practice that layers conscious connection to breath, the Universe, and our planet as a strategy for energy management.
The learning outcome: As you learn in the program, by taking key moments throughout the day to work with this method, you stay focused, in your own clear energy space, and grounded. You also are repairing your energy body and raising your vibration with each iteration. This helps keep you in a good 'energy' space which complements a wellness strategy. In particular for those of us in the energy sensitive crew! What you learn here is the method that saved my life.

Life Changing Methodology

This practice is what I consider to be a total energy body management strategy. We layer breath for focus + source connection to get harmonized to our ideal 'radio station' + anchoring to the grounding energy of earth to create a well-rounded state of being that takes account our physical body, energy body, and feeling rooted and comfortable with earth. 

This is great for: 
- Learning that has a big payoff without a lot of reading time. 
- Building a healthy energy body.
- Repairing your energy body from trauma, stress, or being sick .
- Getting and staying high vibrational (high harmonic) in day-to-day life.
- Energy sensitive people who find themselves picking up 'anxiety', 'stress' or other harder harmonic feelings from their environment.
- People who are interested in learning metaphysical tools to support having a great life.
- People who would like to experience a more clear self to source connection.
- People who would like to study with me in more advanced programming.
Meet the instructor

Katie IndiCrow

Katie IndiCrow is the creator behind the Soul Compass method of intuitive soul healing and self connection. Head to 'about the school' to learn more about me, this Academy, and the unique school of soul healing and self help tools that I have developed, here. Find me on Insta @crowmedicinekatie, FB: Crow Medicine with Katie, blog:, and email:
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