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Breathe, Ground, Connect: Energy Pillar for Energy Management

This course is all about learning to work with the layers of the crystalline earth, source energy, and your breath to form a powerful basis for grounding, focus and alignment. 

Featuring the 'energy pillar' tool, you learn 4 ways to work with meditation to manage your energy + optimize your life performance.

This is experiential based learning where you put the practices to work. In so doing identify their strengths as they apply to you. The majority of material is comprised of videos that demonstrate to you how to build the layers and self-awareness coaching so that you are able to identify where to use them. 

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What's included?

  • A mixed media learning program including:

     - An exclusive guided video meditation video of me walking you through the pillar exercise that you are able to download and take with you anywhere. 

     - Videos that you are able to work wit during the day to 'charge up', 'ground' or feel connected to your higher self.

     - Printable pdf version of the different steps of the tool layers.

     - This is a core level course. Studying this prepares you for engagement in all the more advanced programming I will be releasing fall 2022 and on.
    *All course material easily scalable to home-school or extended family learning.*

Designed to be Studied At Your Pace and Fit Into Your Life

 This course is mixed with video, practice, and written information. The material is primarily delivered through meditation videos. 

How does this work? Getting into and working with the method you learn here as part of your energy management strategy helps to get lifted and stay there (vibrationally and perspective wise). It also helps us energy sensitive people manage the regular accumulation of energy that we pick up or require repair from in day-to-day life. The program is delivered in such a way that you will be developing self-awareness about when to use it as you are going through it.

As you will discover, bringing energy management into your life is doable. This is about consistency, timing, and tools that work.

Life Changing Methodology

This practice is what I consider to be a total energy body management strategy. We layer breath for focus + source connection to get harmonized to our ideal 'radio station' + anchoring to the grounding energy of earth to create a well-rounded state of being that takes account our physical body, energy body, and feeling rooted and comfortable with earth. 

Meet the instructor

Katie IndiCrow

Katie IndiCrow is the creator behind the Soul Compass method of intuitive soul healing and self connection. Head to 'about the school' to learn more about me, this Academy, and the unique school of soul healing and self help tools that I have developed, here. Find me on Insta @crowmedicinekatie, FB: Crow Medicine with Katie, blog:, and email: [email protected]
Patrick Jones - Course author
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