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Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection: Soul Compass - visit 'How to Heal & Hear Your Soul' for the available study option.

You are your most valuable resource. Learn the IndiCrow method of conscious self-connection to enhance your ability to hear your soul, develop your intuitive gifts, and to expand your soul and body relationship. Conscious self-connection means building pathways to hear your soul, to appreciate the ways your intuition works, and to create that safe and high vibrational connection point to yourself and this Universe. In this course you learn to: work with the creative force that is kundalini energy everyday *and without the pain*, heal your soul wounds, get to your highest harmonic connection point BEFORE doing intuitive work, discernment, and most importantly, how to work with your psychic and intuitive senses (your inner voice) to benefit you in your daily life. Already know how to do that? Come and get some pointers in the new paradigm on how to strengthen and refine that relationship from an expert. You get to take it to the depth you are ready to act in.
This course or the book 'Soul Compass' are pre-requisites for all of the advanced training I will be offering in 2023 and beyond.

Not sure if this is for you because of where you are at on the path? What I teach is unique and born from in depth practice. Experts love the way I ask them to slow down, and beginners do well with starting from this strong, grounded place.

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Katie IndiCrow

The Soul Compass Journey: 2020 to This Course
- November 2020: I developed Soul Compass   Released as a way to deliver my best and most useful self-connection tools of the past decade in a compact and direct set. The 'aim' of the material at this time was to support ourselves in a world in transition.

September 2022: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection (this course) was recorded and born. 

The difference between the book and course:  This is the deluxe course version delivery of the learning content. Hear the material come alive as told in video form by Katie. You receive a chapter by chapter, tool by tool overview with insights and suggestions on practice. This is rich material and storytelling based on lifetimes of personal experience working with exactly what you came to learn about, here. This includes a folder for 'students only' that includes a new way to work with the material each season.

You also get a total of 60 minutes LIVE coaching from Katie, either broken up into 2 x 30 minute sessions or 1 x 60 to discuss the course, get help with a topic, or dive even more deep into something you are working on. Personal guidance on tool application is important.

Buy the book and want to register for the class? Email me at for a $15 dollar off 'coupon' to gain entry. 

*All participants get a 'digital' copy of the book. It is our 'text' and basis upon which this enhanced learning experience sits.*

What's included?

  • Explanatory videos that bring life to your learning, taking you chapter by chapter through the learning for this program.
  • 1 ebook with 12 chapters, one chapter per one week of learning.
  • 3 months of learning material, 12 months of access and the ability to download videos for 'keeps' after you are done studying.
  • Tools for daily life that you will work with again and again.
  • Completing these satisfies the pre-requisite for all future courses and private work.

Pathways of Conscious Self-Connection

Conscious self-connection is all about tapping into yourself with intention. This program holds a major focus on developing and appreciating the ways that your soul and energy body work together to form a rich tapestry of expression and experience. 

We are complex, multi-layered beings. The methods you learn here help you tune, align, and discover yourself in a multitude of contexts. 

Energy alignment + Soul Communication = Solid Grounding 

*This or the 'Soul Compass' book learning experience are pre-requisites to enter more advanced training with me.

Why is this a prerequisite? The methods here give you a close look at your internal body and communication systems. For some this is a first look, for others a refinement and reconnection to what you have been developing all along. The discernment checks, soul communication, and alignment points serve as strong grounding points for daily life. They serve as a powerful anchor for the soul travel, energy work, and healing that (some) students participate in. These methods also stand as the launch point 'steps wise' for the more advanced work I will be teaching in future seasons. We build on what you learn, here.
Meet the instructor

Katie IndiCrow

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