Setting Powerful Intentions
 : Solstice + seasonal energy alignment activity and coaching


This learning package is about getting into the flow and experiencing personal success through intention setting & grounded energy alignment. 

Vesta is a key thread of energy we are meeting at solstice and all through this season of eclipses and solar maximum. Representing the spark creation that exists in each of us, Vesta is all about recognizing and connecting to our power.

 Purchase this learning package to get a) a powerful energy alignment and intention setting guided activity that you can do on repeat for the season and b) information on how to ensure that you are achieving success with your goals through ongoing seasonal connection.

*Note that parts of the information delivery included in this package was originally a live 'group' teaching activity. As is my custom, I reshare for a discounted price.* The meditation and alignment practice is fresh and just for you.*

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What's included?

  • 75 minutes of targeted information that you will be able to apply throughout the season to experience success in your intentions.
  • A 35 minute guided energy alignment + intention setting activity that you may work with throughout the month.
  •  Guidance on how to shift out timelines and outdated energy blocking your success.
  • Self-discovery and priority identifying questions to work with throughout the season.
Bring the Power of Ongoing Connection + Cosmic Alignment into YOUR life

Participating in activities of alignment and intention setting are worthwhile and fruitful. We get what we ask for. Be brave, get into your heart, and put yourself in the space to call it out and receive from the Universe (with a little Crow guidance).

Feel powerful personal energy alignment

Receive a guided energy alignment and intention setting practice that you may work with to power your process all season.
Meet the instructor

Katie IndiCrow

I am your teacher, Katie IndiCrow. Signing up for this class will bring you into direct connection with ongoing and pointed guidance on how to work with the cycle of the seasons to experience personal success. 
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