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Thank you for visiting IndiCrow Academy. All training here is based on the methods of energy management and self-connection that I created. You sometimes hear me refer to it as the 'Body, Soul, and Planet' approach.
Scroll down or click 'courses' to read about available learning opportunities and to get started now.  Click 'about me' in the menu tab to read more about me and the basis of the method I teach.

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Unique Training that Takes the Body, Soul, and Planet Approach

Soul care for the 21st century. Tools that work in the real world for people like you. Click 'about me' to learn more about the unique format of training that is offered here and how I developed it.

Practical Tri-Partite Approach

A tripartite approach that takes body, soul and planet into consideration. Do not get scared, that does not mean more work! The tools I designed layer the three together, harmonizing your experience. Read about this in detail here: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/about

Tried, Tested and True Tools with a Practical Orientation

What you learn here works. This method is all about grounding what we are learning in real world contexts. Energy body management, emotional regulation, grounding ourselves when we feel 'off', are all things that we do IN THE MOMENT. As such, this training has a practical orientation. These are the types of tools that you can take from the office to the airplane to the altar. 

Getting to Know You

The priority here is on getting to know yourself. Yes, you work with the methods I developed. Their purpose is to help you always hear you and to recognize the power that comes in your own sacred connection. As I teach, getting to know the sound of your soul, how to care for it, and how your physical and energy body works cohesively are KEY to healthy living in the 21st century. 

Current Offerings:

Courses included

Body, Soul, and Planet Powerful Foundations Pack

Well-rounded, get grounded, base covering content that lays out the bedrock of safe and self-connected spiritual practice. These are the tools of a healthy energy body and soul connection and a comfortable energetic presence on earth. Designed as a journey of self discovery, study in your own time. One year of access. Need longer? Just ask. 
All programming is designed to be taken at your own pace. 

An Approach that Works for You

Life happens. We are diverse and so is this school. Because we are people on the move: All training is laid out in self-study format. Love guidance? All training includes a week-to-week study schedule. This serves as a guide that takes you through your learning journey! Students are able to come to this site and 'log in' to the school at any time to access the lessons. They also get a downloadable package to go along with their training as a 'takeaway'. This also comes in handy for those of us who like to go 'offline' to learn.  Registration gains you online access for one year. Need to extend that period of study? Just ask.

*The hallmark of my  methods are all about finding the flow of YOU.  Of course, I designed my school like this, too!*
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Crow Medicine Blog

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Crow Medicine Podcast

Fusing soul care, fresh vibes, and honest conversation, Crow Medicine podcast has a little bit of everything. Available on spotify, anchor, apple podcasts, and an ever-growing host of smaller providers. Are you a spotify premium user? Good news. I host a music based podcast on that platform.

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