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Spirituality and Energy Management for the 21st Century

Tools that work in the real world for people like you. Click 'about me' to learn more about the unique format of training that is offered here and how I developed it.

Unique Learning Environment from a Practicing Specialist

A tripartite approach to energy management, self-connection, and alignment that puts you in the driver seat. This material is derived from and driven by decades of practical experience in this field. From beginner to expert alike, my ability to support your personal honing process through fun and self-love forms a unique bedrock for learning. Learning experiences here often include music, video, film, the written word, personal self-connection exercises to form a rich environment for students of all sorts.

Tried, Tested and True Tools with a Practical Orientation

What you learn here is meant to be put to work. The training I offer always holds a practical orientation. Each program focuses on a specific 'theme' or goal. The aim is to develop your unique skillset in relation to it. Participants leave with life tools that are scalable from the office to the airplane to the altar. 

Highlighting Conscious Self-Connection

The priority here is on getting to know yourself. Conscious self-connection and the methods you find here are designed to bring your attention to you, first. Their purpose is to help you always hear you and to recognize the power that comes in your own soul and sacred connection. Getting to know the sound of your soul, how to care for it, and how your physical and energy body works cohesively are KEY to healthy living in the 21st century. 
Current Course Options

I am just getting back to teaching new courses after a 2 year hiatus. This page will be filling up quickly with live events and new courses.

IndiCrow Academy is a structured learning environment. You will notice that my courses are sorted as 'core', 'quick learning' and 'intermediate'.  If you are brand new to meditation and energy alignment, I recommend you start off with 'Breathe, Ground, Connect'. Otherwise, "How to Hear Your Higher Self" is a great place to start. Feel free to email me at [email protected]. Let me know where you are at and I can recommend a course of action. We can also set up a 30 minute consultation if you prefer that route. I love designing learning trajectories for students.

**Setting Powerful Intentions" is the next live event. Taking place on December 16 4pm , this one is all about getting successful this season. Featuring ceremony. Read more at the course listing, below.

Courses included

Energy Alignment Power Pack

Courses included

Groundwork of Energy Mastery: Core

coming soon.
All courses are designed to be taken at your own pace. 

An Approach that Works for You

Life happens. We are diverse and so is this school. Because we are people on the move: All training is laid out in self-study format. Love guidance? All training includes a week-to-week study schedule. This serves as a guide that takes you through your learning journey! Students are able to come to this site and 'log in' to the school at any time to access the lessons. 
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Crow Medicine Website

Visit me at https://www.crow-medicine.com/blog  and check out my written articles and day to day tools that I release as part of my public education campaign. See the methods you learn here at work. 

Crow Medicine Podcast

Fusing soul care, fresh vibes, and honest conversation, Crow Medicine podcast has a little bit of everything. Available on spotify, anchor, apple podcasts, and an ever-growing host of smaller providers. Click here to be brought to a 'main page' that features quick links to each provider, as well as no log-in listening to all recorded episodes.

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