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Spirituality and Energy Management for the 21st Century

Thank you for visiting.  This is an exciting moment for IndiCrow Academy. Having recently re-opened after 2 years sojourn taking care of the planet, I have just rolled out all new material! Are you a past student? Great news. The new training builds off of the same great methods you came here for!*

Please note that I am back to taking on students for Earth healing. I am also guiding group gatherings and cooperative healing projects. If you would like to be part of that, email me directly at katieindicrow@gmail.com. You may also check out the 'Earth Align' option as you scroll just below this text.

Methods here follow three directions:

1) Training students on self-connection, soul-healing and intuitive development. This includes once a year training on Earth Align, a modality of energy alignment and soul healing I developed.

 2) Earth connection and healing yourself with Earth energy. Building beyond that, I also train people on how to take care of Earth as an energy system and being.

3) How to be spiritually uneffwithable. Perfect for people who are interested in sharpening up their metaphysical skills for quality of life enhancement. Great for the 'everyday' person as well as people who are engaged in more depth of care work to Earth.

Training students on self-connection, soul healing and spiritual mastery

We are meant to be living in alignment with our 'higher self'. Also known as your soul, this sacred part of you is one of your best untapped resources. When we know how to hear our own soul, trust its guidance, and discern it from the 'ish' that filters in the world around us, we are powerful and stable. Learn how to hear, heal, and connect with your higher self through a method I call "conscious self-connection". Strong intuitive connection + discernment = the steps to mastery. 

Check out 'How to be Spiritually Uneffwithable' to do all of the above. You may also prefer to begin with 'How to Heal and Hear Your Soul'  (which you can follow up with uneffwithable should you choose).

 *This course is also my new core training. Earth healing and more advanced training requires what you learn here as a baseline.

Tried, Tested and True Tools with a Practical Orientation

What you learn here is meant to be put to work. The training I offer always holds a practical orientation. Each program focuses on a specific 'theme' or goal. The aim is to develop your unique skillset in relation to it. Participants leave with life tools that are scalable from the office to the airplane to the altar. 

Training on Earth Connection and Earth Healing

Planet Earth is a powerful being who has the ability to heal, teach, and inspire us. Connecting to the sacred Energy of Earth (and other parts of our solar system) is a key part of my teachings. In one layer, I advise people how to form that loving communication to the planet and through that, how to heal themselves and draw inspiration in its warmth. In more depth, I train other people in how to help take care of Earth. *Forming the sacred connection comes first.*

*I have also returned to training people on how to heal Earth. I take a ground up approach where you learn a) the voice of the planet, b) your soul voice and spiritual strength, and c) how to tap into Creator of this Universe as the baseline for all Earth healing. We do not repeat colonial patterns in my school, nor do we follow blindly any being. We are the revolution and we place Earth first.

Like a university, my training layers. I teach my spiritual courses much the way I did my anthropology ones. We mix video instruction, guided practices, readings, and getting out there in the world to get you a dynamic, functional skill set that benefits you.

Good news!

Brand New Training Available Now! Get in on These Life-Changing Opportunities

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How to Be Spiritually Uneffwithable

 A course laying the groundwork of spiritual tools that will make you uneffwithable. Even better? Focus on the dynamic ways in which to use them. Being spiritually uneffwithable means knowing your vibe & protecting it. It means knowing the power of love but not taking ISH from anybody. It means using energy tools & your spiritual skills to live a good life. In this course, learn the baseline tools you may use to be uneffwithable in everyday life with. This includes higher self-connection, energy field maintenance, and most importantly: discernment (aka how to tell if this is 'right' or 'good' for you, or not). This is a great place to start if you are 'new' here. Get guidance on how to work with spiritual tools to improve your everyday life.

 *This serves as a great follow up for any of my entry level trainin
g. Anyone who has studied 'Soul Compass', 'Breathe Ground, Connect' or 'Aura Clinic' will be able to extend their skills, here. If you studied any of those or 'How to Heal and Hear Your Soul' at IndiCrow Academy, you get a COUPON to continue your learning.  Go to your student folder, log in to your class, and go to the very last material in your folder. Your code will be there! 

 *This course is also replacing all pre-2024 content as my new core training. It incorporates 'Soul Compass' self-connection exercises along with discernment and energy field management + awareness that leads to a spiritually autonomous, energetically powerful life.

Anyone seeking to join my more advanced training requires what you learn here as a baseline. If you are seeking to get in on my healing Earth training, these skills are the perfect complement. I offer 'Earth Connect' and this course as a dual pack for those who are going in that direction. Email me privately at katieindicrow@gmail.com for access to that option and some other information that comes with it!

Available now!  https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/spiritually-strong

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Earth Align: Building Your Connection to Earth Energy

An access any time learning experience designed to bring you into direct contact with the healing flows of energy of Earth. Earth is a friend, wisdom holder, and healer. This experience taps you into each of these layers.

Featuring a special Earth Connection ceremony and 4 activities designed to get you outside and in direct connection to Earth energy for self-healing and spiritual growth. Learn to slow down and tune into the subtle and miraculous capabilities of sacred Earth. Includes both spiritual and science-based explanations of why and how all of this works.

**This is a dual orientation course. Perfect for those seeking to form that honest, loving relationship with Earth for self-healing.

Layer 2: This is a prerequisite and starting point for those joining healing Earth activities. The relationship you build here is the one that you work with to know what healing Earth needs in your later work.**

Current Course Options

Not sure where to begin? I highly recommend 'How to be Spiritually Uneffwithable. It is a strong core base that includes energy alignment, self-connection, and discernment to lead a powerful everyday life.

 - If you are here to learn about self-healing with Earth, I recommend you start with Earth Align or upcoming Earth Medicine.

-   If you are here to learn about healing Earth, I recommend you begin with Earth Connect and get in touch with me immediately so you may access my exclusive Earth healing information.  To be your most powerful, I recommend both of these programs. I offer them together as a package with a little price break than if you got the two separate.   Email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com to request it.
Private instruction is offered to those participating in the Earth Healing that is not listed as course offerings here.

If you already heal Earth and are seeking some refinement, I also recommend these but am happy to advise per person.

Please note that for all training, payment plans are available at the check-out for all training.

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Katie IndiCrow is a psychopomp and soul guide. Working with her on a 1:1 basis a unique, often life changing experience. To read about the sessions I perform: https://crow-medicine.com/private-sessions/.
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