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Soul Compass: Healing and Hearing the Body and Soul Connection:

Core Level IndiCrow Academy Training

Soul Compass is all about developing a healthy body and soul connection while also learning how your unique intuitive voice communicates to you 'through' it. This is a GREAT place to come to build strong foundations, return to (or learn) the fundamentals of soul and body care, and to get trained in the unique method I created. This is where you come to learn the basis of discernment, self-connection, and self-knowing that sits at the basis of my more advanced training.

Available in the Body, Soul and Planet Powerful Foundations Power bundle: Note this comes priced at $420, giving you a significant price help. Payment plans are available.

In module 1, we begin to directly engage with your own inner voice, your soul. You see your soul spark and learn how to care for it as part of your routine. We focus on building an ongoing relationship with our soul as a source of inner guidance and knowing. 

In module 2, we learn about how energy bodies work and how to develop a healthy relationship with yours.  Here, you learn about body awareness and the ways that we are able to 'read' our physical experiences. You also learn how to care for yours working with the built-in vibration raising and harmonizing capabilities of this method!

In module 3, we focus on working with the tools gained in 1 and 2 and putting them into practical action. The beauty of this method is that it brings your attention to how, gives you practical tools to understand yourself, to manage it, and to work with these aptitudes to your benefit. 

Scroll down for a more detailed overview of what is included with the program!

What's included?

Study time: Take at your own pace. Access as you choose from your student learning profile. Youa rein the driver-seat of your learning.

This is set up as approximately 12 weeks of study (4 weeks per module). You can adjust it to your desired focale point! Repeat the exercises in the program once you completed on a regular basis as part of your  self-care and advancement routine.

Material wise, there is a small reading component week to week. The real focus is on how to use the tools the readings describe to practically benefit your life.

Getting To Know the Sound of Your Soul and How to Care for This Sacred Spark that is YOU

 In module 1, we focus on building an ongoing relationship with our soul. We see our soul spark and learn how to care for it as part of our routine. Here, we begin to directly engage with your own inner voice, your soul. We learn how we are able to work with this part of ourselves through intuitive connection and self-discovery.

 In this unit, you are introduced to the full 'body, soul, and planet' method of energy alignment and self connection.
This serves as the basis for a) connecting to the sound of your soul, b) energy body care, and c) alignment of the spark of your soul from the source through which it and this Universe were created.

Healing the Soul-Body Relationship

In module 2, we learn about how energy bodies work and how to develop a healthy relationship with yours. This includes practical tools such as basic energy body care which are built in with the body, soul and planet method. Here, you learn about body awareness and the ways that we are able to 'read' our physical experiences. As you learn, bodies are magnificent. Aches, pains, shivers, feeling like you got poked; these are ways that we receive information from ourselves and our environment about what is going on. The self-communication method you learn in module one becomes a gateway to being able to receive those messages.

Learn more about the healing you are doing to your energy body by virtue of doing 'breathe, ground, connect' and ways to work with it for self -repair. This method has an built in energy healing component that you tap into every time you do it. We hone in on this aspect of the practice in module two. (This is my favourite part.)

Caring for and Recognizing Your Extended Sensory System and its Capabilities

In module 3, you learn how moments of regular energy management, check-ins, and making a habit of LISTENING when your soul speaks benefits your life. Better than that, we focus specifically in developing a gameplan to help you fit it into your schedule. 

One of the things that I hear most from would-be learners is that they feel overwhelmed with life and find it difficult to perceive fitting self-care or study time into their schedules. Hearing that, I made sure to write the most pared down, effective, and explicit program possible. 

I know thinking about a soul, a body, and an energy body plus all the things you have to do to take care of it can sound like a lot. As you get into this you are going to realize that with the method I teach, you are always doing all three at once. This creates a powerful and clear connection that you are able to maintain easily.

One of the hallmarks of the body, soul, and planet method is that it brings together the diverse processes that your soul and body are already engaged in and marries them with a layered best-practice tool that is revolutionary. Taking care of our physical connection, making a clear connection for our souls, and reconnecting to the source of our creation sets the ground for us to live well rounded, powerful lives. This module focuses on showing you ways to work with you as well as how to fit yourself in the schedule!
Meet the instructor

Katie IndiCrow

 Katie IndiCrow is the creator behind the body, soul and planet method of intuitive soul healing and self-connection. Head to 'about the school' to learn more about me, this Academy, and the unique school of soul healing and self help tools that I have developed, here. Find me on Insta @crowmedicinekatie, FB: Crow Medicine with Katie, blog:, and email:

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