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Supercharging with Solar Energy (for returning students)

Katie IndiCrow

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The Sun

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Valued past student
This one is geared specifically to people who are past students, in particular before 2021.  It is a quicky-reconnect skill supporting, information session.

This is a quicky course about working with the energy of solar cycle 25 to supercharge your personal development and spiritual practice. Also touch back on the power of what you were working on and building all those years back. We worked as a group in ceremony together for a long time. Learn how what we were doing before plays into and contributes to now.

-Learn the importance of solar energy as a cosmic building block and how to bring it into your field for positive personal development. 

- Discover how this energy acts as a battery for calling your path and repairing your energy field. Work with it to make your vibrational (and practical) leap into the next phase of life and ceremony.

- Remember how to apply this new knowledge to what you built in the last solar cycle. If you were with me pre 2020, you have been here and done this before. Expand, expand, expand! Join me to continue the learning.

*Pre-requisite for access is that you have studied with me in the past and are familiar with the basic grounding and connection method I teach as the basis of everything else at this school. Some of you know it as the 'crystalline core' technique. Others as 'breath, ground, connect'. You have learned it if you registered in and completed any course pre-2020. Post 2021 this was taught exclusively Breathe, Ground, Connect and Soul Compass*

What's included?

  • A discussion about solar energy and its significance to soul expansion.

    A written copy of the basics of the method and the practice of harmonization and energy alignment that we are using. This will serve as your 'touch up' and 'reference point'. It is ok if you forge some things!
  • *1 hour of video total.*
  • Practical advice on how to work with the energy connection and path calling techniques to get into (and stay in) your highest harmonic pathway.
  • Guidance on working with solar energy to facilitate meaningful emotional and spiritual repair and forward movement.
  • All materials are 'access at your own pace'. Get to them as works with your schedule. 

A return to the Quick Studies

Done in the style of my very popular 'quick study' courses, this one is a supercharger on solar power and what we are able to do with it to support our path and lives. Because this is a 'quick study' course, the material is designed for you to be able to get maximum information in a short amount of study time. Just like before, there is a video discussion where I give all kinds of neat little facts and insights. *In this case, an hour of content into four videos.* This is complemented with meaningful exercises and guidance that build on what you know through studying with me to bring into your life.

Access at Your Own Pace and in Privacy

All of my learning opportunities are structured so that you may access them in privacy and at your own pace. Though I LOVE group gatherings, the energy of the past 2 years has made doing them increasingly difficult to enjoy or attend. People are in a lot of fear and carrying around 'extra' energy that makes coming together in group form rather uncomfortable. Delivering the material this way, it is more likely that you as a student will be easy enough on yourself to enjoy the learning and that you will not be distracted by the others around you in their energy while doing it.
Meet the instructor

Katie IndiCrow

You know me, the Crow and creative mind behind all things IndiCrow. Katie.

For more about 'me' and the method, click 'about the school'. Come find me on my socials!
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