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How to Review Karmic Agreements & Soul Contracts

This course will walk you through the process of calling up karmic and soul contract agreements for review. It includes guidance on how to release, adjust, and renew.

 The information will be released in a 'theme package'.  We go through the process of aligning karma (month 1), aligning soul contracts (month 2), and how to keep things aligned hereafter (month 3). The first package of information will be released on December 10, the second January 12, the third February 10.

*There is a group meeting option where we meet the 4th week of each unit to discuss the material & you get direct guidance from Katie. These times are an early am for Australian and worker people, Sunday afternoon for others. Register early to vote on your preferred ones. Your availability counts. Prefer to study on your own? Type 'solo' at checkout for a $90 discount.

Payment plans available at the checkout for group plan. Solo people, contact me directly at [email protected] to arrange.

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What's included?

  • 3 Ceremonies that you will be able to use again and again.
  • Thoughtful videos describing karmic agreements and soul contracts in depth that will help you understand yours.
  • Self-connection prompts
  • Opportunity to join group learning option (discount if you prefer not)
  • type code 'solo' at checkout for $90 discount for people who prefer to learn on their own.

Learn to engage and review your agreements

One of the things that happens over our lifetimes is: WE CHANGE! Better ways to do things open up, paths close, objectives of healing the Earth or one another shift. When we are tied to agreements and contracts that are connected to dying realities or outdated ideas: we feel it. Learn how to call up your agreements and align them to your contemporary reality stream.

Refine and Harmonize the Contracts and Agreements We Honour

Not all agreements are negative. In fact, some we made that we are doing well to honour. To balance the release bit, we also call in the positive agreements and contracts. We learn how to keep them in their highest harmonic so our journey plays out smoothly for us.
Meet the instructor

Katie IndiCrow

Katie IndiCrow is a psychopomp and soul guide. I first began my work teaching about karma and soul contracts in 2016. Creator showed me how to review my own karma as part of my journey. After mastering that level, I began doing it for planet Earth (which is where I have been these past few years). Many of us have agreements that are outdated or holding us back. We are allowed to release those now. Being happily married and living one out, I also know that some of them are worth pursuing and remembering.  Now that I am back to teaching, this is so important, I chose it as a first topic.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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