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Breathe, Ground, Connect:   
Youth Version
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 Learn how to work with the natural elements of the earth, your breath, and the universe to stay stable, grounded, and clear.

Explore the tools in 3 fun layers that you can bring into a variety of contexts including: school, work, the sports-field, your sacred space, the grocery store and just about anywhere you would go that people are and energy 'is'. 

Bonus? This is a special youth learning wing of the program. Sign up through this tier for a young learner in your life. Read below for more details on the great components of this program.

What's included?

  • Description of the Method broken into 3 easy-to-understand sections. Each including:

     - An exclusive meditation video that you are able to download and take with you anywhere. (6 in total)

     - A video of me describing the learning theme.

    - An audio description of me describing 'extra' themes.

     - Printable reading materials defining concepts in clear language. 

     - An exercise write up.

    *All course material easily scalable to home-school or extended family learning.*

  •  1 year access to an online members community where I provide ongoing suggestions on how to practice the method.

  • A fun and informative little life guide that includes inspiration on how you will figure out how to bring energy management into YOUR LIFE. This includes content on creating a 'vibe' space in home and identifying spaces in your life where applying this method will bring the most positive impact.

  • For our young learners: This program is a good fit for you, too. I have some youth focused learning components included and more to come through the school community. Young learners get access to their own learning activities and some material exclusive to their age group. *No extra charge for a family to study together. In fact, it is encouraged.*

  • A set of skills that are easily scalable and brought into any environment including: Sporting events, the office, household, the mall, in the car (and anywhere you may need to stay calm or have a minute to get a  vibration lift).

Designed to be Studied At Your Pace

This is a course focused specifically on the goods: the body, soul and planet all in one method of intentional vibration setting and meditation. The point here is to a) give you the theory about why vibration setting and the tools you are about to learn work on a nerd level; b) describe the method in detail so you can use it as a 'whole' or in parts and  c) spark your visualization of how you can put the method to work for you.

Materials are mixed media to be engaging to learners of various sorts. There are audio lectures, meditation videos (each 3 featuring an 'avec' and  3 'sans' sound version) written notes, and detailed suggestions of how to put this to work for you. The material is geared toward you recognizing when to use it, how, and to get you into feeling focused, calm, and connected.

*Though there is reading, watching, and listening to do, the onus is on getting you doing the practice. The units are not 'big long reads' (so do not feel intimidated). They are thoughtful introductions to the concepts delivered in text, voice, and video. This is scaled to be welcoming to learners of the various engagement types and levels of education.* 

Life Changing Methodology

This learning package is scaled for youth learning. It comes with materials scaled to be studied by someone about 12+. 

I set the program up for young people around the concept of building a 'vibe space' and taking this practice into it each day as part of their self-care strategy. There is some but not much reading, short videos, and easily digested layers of the practice.

Meet the instructor

Katie IndiCrow

Katie IndiCrow is the creator behind the Soul Compass method of intuitive soul healing and self connection. Head to 'about the school' to learn more about me, this Academy, and the unique school of soul healing and self help tools that I have developed, here. Find me on Insta @crowmedicinekatie, FB: Crow Medicine with Katie, blog:, and email:
Patrick Jones - Course author
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