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Improving Your Mars Experience

*I am excited to announce the return to my much beloved 'quick-learning sessions that feature an informational talk, some easy to learn tools, and insights in a one-off style packet that you can easily digest and put to work. This is like going to a private lecture or learning session from a specialist to get some insight that you can integrate quickly into your life.* 

Mars (Aries) is an energy that has been through a lot of unprocessed wounding. Wars, hardship, protecting families from scarcity or threat, and the weight of what other people carrying that energy have done to what it feels like to encounter (live) it. When a person carries a lot of unhealed wounds, they tend to hold a hard harmonic (negative) feeling experience of Marsian energy in action. This means in their acts as a man person, or in general, in interacting with that harmonic as it appears in the world around us. (This also means when we run into it in other people, as well.)

Have you ever wondered how an archetype gets weighed down? Or why this thing called 'masculine energy' that is apparently so heavy, exists? In this very special learning session, I lay out the idea of why we feel energy through DNA. I also speak about how events in recent history have created the space where the Aries archetype has become prevalent. Right now, we are working on healing that. This session speaks on this extensively. Even if you do not feel like you need to heal your Mars, it is worth the listen for the metaphysical lesson that comes with it.

This is not just talking. One hour twenty minutes of a lecture and presentation laying out the fundamentals noted above. The second part comes in '2'. A tools video explaining how we improve resonance and frequency through day to day life. The third is a metaphysical tool that physically helps you repair your Mars connection. 

Mars is about action and doing things differently. As such, the exercises that I teach as part of the lecture series includes how to identify your baseline, recognizing the path to action when it presents to you, and an energy alignment tool that you are able to use to physically construct and call in your highest harmonic Mars energy expression and connection. Mars is raw power. The #1 most common 'issue' people experience is just not having the energy body capabilities to hold it gracefully (yet). 

You do not have to be a man to attend this session. Mars exists in all of us. We are people from all layers of the spectrum. Know that I will be covering this from a historical development perspective that includes masculine and feminine integration angles. In grounded action, we will talk about how to promote the higher harmonic in how we manage this POWERFUL energy in our own lives and relationships. 

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Study time: 2 hours for the first watch. The tools and learning accompaniments are meant to be referred back to. 

*Exploring the Archetype Series Instalment #1*
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What's included?

  • a video presentation prepared and delivered by Katie IndiCrow delivering information on the Marsian energy experience as summarized above.
    (Total video time, 2 hours)
  • a video presentation demonstrating 3 basic approaches to raising the harmonic of your Mars connection.
  • a coupon for further study
  • a downloadable video version of the Mars energy connection exercise to 'do on the go'.
  • downloadable copies of the content to save for your future reference. This includes a 10 page written summary document bringing together all the key points made throughout. 

Easy to Digest Learning Packages to Promote Targeted Learning

Bringing back by my once beloved 'quick study' session style, this is put together for people who are 'on the go'. Short, to the point, and packed with new information, these are meant to be like attending a public lecture series or pro workshop. Log in at your leisure, watch a video of me delivering information on the targeted topic, and then watch a second video of me doing demonstrations of 3 tools to bring into your life now as grounding your higher harmonic Mars adjustments. 

Many people enjoy watching my lectures a few times. I do cover quite a bit of ground quickly. They are rich. As such, you get a downloadable copy of the videos to keep for your records, long after you have left IndiCrow Academy. You get a full version of the notes, a downloadable video podcast style Mars harmonics practice as well.

Practical Explanations Grounded in Experience

The material included in this program is the result of a long-term study and personal interactions with this archetype and the process by which it came to be expressed. The tools that I teach to bring oneself into a higher harmonic expression of it are tried and true. Though there may be some 'new language' here, the way I express this material is practical and real world oriented. Yes, there is a metaphysical exercise involved. The point of affecting metaphysical change and to learn how these threads work is to improve our real lives. Here, we stay focused closely on that. This will be a bit 'out there' and honest about the cosmic and karmic factors some people may be experience. It will do so while remaining mindfully earth and action oriented. We live here. This is about our lives, now.
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Katie IndiCrow

I am your teacher, Katie IndiCrow. Signing up for this quick-study experience will bring you into direct connection with pointed guidance on how to improve and understand your Mars archetype expression. 
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