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In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment

*Registration is open now. First material is released on May 29th in alignment with the powerful Mars and Jupiter conjunction. Accepting registrants through June 10.* Beginning in late May and running through mid-August, this is a learning experience that is all about supporting goal setting and personal development.  The special part? Participants learn in 'real time' about how the cycle of the seasons works this way by intentionally experiencing it. *Encompassing the ceremony season around June Solstice 2022.*  As such, the process includes preparation for solstice, a ceremony, and drip-fed support on follow through bits the whole season through. Participants receive ongoing material in 'drip feed' format throughout the cycle. This includes self-discovery questions, notification of planetary alignments and cosmic booster points as they come up (and how to apply them to you). All delivered in no-pressure, get to it as you are able, format.
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What's included?

  • Late May - mid August ongoing guidance. We have an 'official' start date of May 29 to coincide with a powerful Mars alignment. Accepting registrants through June 10. 
  • Notification of planetary alignments as they happen and pointers on how to apply them to your goals.
  • Pointed and poignant information on intention setting and goal fulfilment from an action oriented perspective.
  • Drip feed of self-discovery questions and self-development practices 'in the flow' of what we are experiencing in planets.
  • Downloadable copy of written material to keep and work with for your future seasons!

Get into the Cosmic Flow

Learn more about the valuable skill of intention setting and its practical application as a life success strategy.

A focale point of this offering is that it includes ongoing guidance and support throughout the cycle delivered to you via 'drip feed' (in the course folder). This will include reminders to check in on your intentions, notification of any exciting cosmic alignments, and support posts on how to see through the fun (and hard) parts of the process. 

The best way to learn about the cycle of the seasons is to appreciate its nuance through your lived experience. Sign up to hear some of my best tips on how to experience these benefits.  ***The 'drip feed' content will keep it light and engaging and not feeling like it is a major pile of reading. (It will not be.)**

Life-long Learning

 The point of learning self-development techniques is to find things that work for us so that we can keep doing them for more success. Work with this same process into the next season (and the next)! As you change and so do the planets, so too will the results. It is amazing how much depth you can get to when you ask yourself the same questions from different perspectives, over the years.
Meet the instructor

Katie IndiCrow

I am your teacher, Katie IndiCrow. Signing up for this class will bring you into direct connection with ongoing and pointed guidance on how to work with the cycle of the seasons to experience personal success. 
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