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Daily Harmonization Practice

A dual meditation and harmonization that you can work with each day to get yourself ready for 'go'. 
Settle in with this powerful fusion of music, intention setting, and imagery to stimulate self-connection. Best part? This one can be done in five minutes. It is *that* effective.

Made with 'busy' people in mind, this is a powerful tone setter that you can work with every day of your life.
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Audio Visual Meditative Experience

Suggested Personal Intentions for Success

Tone Setting Exercise to Start Each Day With

Energy Management for Personal Excellence

What's included?

  • downloadable version of a powerful audio-visual practice (5 minutes)
  • suggested intentions to bring forward to supercharge your success
  • A teeny bit of guidance on the why and how this works.
  • I kept this one 'cost friendly' for those out there requesting lower fee, high impact opportunities.

Made with Life in Mind

This daily harmonization practice is designed with 'life' in mind. Being such, it was designed to be HIGH IMPACT while also being just under 5 minutes. *This is easy to fit in.* Especially for those busy people out there who are seeking ways to improve their days without adding in strenuous study or expectation.
Meet the instructor

Katie IndiCrow

As you know, I am the heart and creator of all things Crow Medicine and IndiCrow Energetics. The method you learn to work with in this video is part of the unique 'body, soul, and planet' format of harmonization and self-connection that I designed.

I love giving practical opportunities to engage with the methods you learn here. Check out my talk shows on 'Wisdom: Life Coaching and Self-Help" (@Katie IndiCrow), at my personal blog 
'Crow Medicine' and through my popular podcast, "Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century".
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