Aura Clinic: Understand, Repair and Align Your Major Energetic System

Katie IndiCrow

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Your auric field

Your auric field is like a sensory system that picks up information for you about the environment around you. Your auric field is your own personal
 electromagnetic frequency and crystalline energy detection and conducting unit. It exists within you but also extends beyond your physical presence. When it is 'clear' and high harmonic, you feel positive and strong. When it is torn, leaking, 'full' or drained, you feel tired and word out.

This workshop provides information to repair your auric field and keep it at its optimum function. It includes an in depth activity for cord cutting and energy release.

 optimal operation. This, in turn, allows it to keep you safe, high vibrational, and receiving precisely the messages from your environment that are important to you.

Skill Level: This is a great one for people who are already comfortable with basic energy body language and who are active in many capacities including caretakers, teachers, highly sensitive persons, and empaths.  These skills are a powerful complement to 'Soul Compass', either in book or course format.

What's included?

  • course videos and notes explaining key concepts 
  • tool to keep your auric field cleared and repaired
  • tool to keep your auric field tuned to the 'vibration' or 'harmonic' of your choosing.
  • coupon to further learning on a related course.
  • daily auric field tuning and harmonization video

Auric Fields are Powerful

Though powerful and integral to a) how our systems work and b) if we feel comfortable or not, AURIC FIELDS get ignored. In this learning experience, we cover the groundwork of your auric field, how it works, and what to do to keep yours high functioning and clear. 

Signs your field would benefit from work:

'Feeling everything', finding oneself having their energy drained or flowing without their consent, or having regular instances of sensory overload, finding yourself being 'cranky' or 'short' for no reason, feeling tuned into a vibration you do not wish to have, feeling like you need a 'drink', feeling other people so strongly it is uncomfortable.

Some common reasons you may like to work on your auric field:
You are highly active astrally, you work in an environment with a lot of technology and overhead lighting,  you are expanding your senses,  you are 'feeling more' and trying to get a cap on it, you sense 'too much' and you are seeking a relatively quick way to help yourself fix that, you are a nerd and you would like to find out about optimal body and energy body function.

Feeling great? That is excellent and a place from which you can work with this material to expand and tune more efficiently. This material is unique and the other experts I have taught this to benefit as much from it as the beginners do.

Builds Upon or Leads into Other Training

This is a powerful complement to part one and two in Soul Compass, where you learn about how we 'hear' information in the body and sensory system. The auric field is
Meet the instructor

Katie IndiCrow

Tune in to this recent podcast to hear me chat about how an auric field works:  Why We Feel Start Feeling (and Feel More) Energy – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (
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