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Aura Clinic: How Your Auric Field Works and Ways to Care for, Align, and Tune It 

Katie IndiCrow

The course creator and teacher.


Your auric field

Your auric field is like a sensory system that picks up information for you about the environment around you. Your auric field is your own personal
 electromagnetic frequency and crystalline energy detection and conducting unit. It exists within you but also extends beyond your physical presence. 

Everything has an energy signature and a vibration. Spaces and people hold ‘stories’. Your auric field is one of the ways that you experience or ‘sense’ or ‘see’ or ’feel’ this. Have you ever walked into a place and thought ‘wow, something definitely went down here’ from what you ‘sensed’? Your auric field is part of your sensory system that picked up that information and filtered it back to your body for ‘interpretation. 

********In my many years as a teacher, the #1 problem that beginners and experts alike come to me with is a 'strong' or developing auric field that is giving them problems because it is not being properly cared for.********

In this learning experience, I teach about the foundations of your auric field and the expanding capabilities it has. From there, I address how regular daily life as well as our energy experiences create regular 'wear and tear' on them.  I am about action. As such, I deliver specific tools that you are able to work with to repair and maintain yours. This is not about bulky practices, this is about quick, easy to fit into your life adjustments that you are able to work with 'on the go' or to stay super strong and in your own energy as your 'all the time' experience.

Scroll down this page to se the flow and format.

*This is self-access. You are able to come and view them at your own pace and in privacy. I know coming to a 'live class' is undesirable for people at this time. As such I put these packages together this way!*

There will be a more advanced class taught where we extend this into more fun work with the auric field. This class will be a pre-requisite.

What's included?

  • course videos talking about how auric fields work as part of our sensory system
  • tool to keep your auric field cleared and repaired
  • tool to keep your auric field tuned to the 'vibration' or 'harmonic'. (Ever want to know how to stop feeling so much pain or sadness? These two tools are a big part of the answer how not to.)
  • coupon to further learning on a related course.
  • a rich learning package you can return to for continued inspiration and guidance.

Auric Fields are Powerful

Though powerful and integral to a) how our systems work and b) if we feel comfortable or not, AURIC FIELDS get ignored. In this learning experience, we cover the groundwork of your auric field, how it works, and what to do to keep yours high functioning and clear. 

Signs your field would benefit from work:

'Feeling everything', finding oneself having their energy drained or flowing without their consent, or having regular instances of sensory overload, finding yourself being 'cranky' or 'short' for no reason, feeling tuned into a vibration you do not wish to have, feeling like you need a 'drink', feeling other people so strongly it is uncomfortable.

Some common reasons you may like to work on your auric field:
You are highly active astrally, you work in an environment with a lot of technology and overhead lighting,  you are expanding your senses,  you are 'feeling more' and trying to get a cap on it, you sense 'too much' and you are seeking a relatively quick way to help yourself fix that, you are a nerd and you would like to find out about optimal body and energy body function.

Feeling great? That is excellent and a place from which you can work with this material to expand and tune more efficiently. This material is unique and the other experts I have taught this to benefit as much from it as the beginners do.

Take note that you get a private and anonymous learning experience. You never have to 'meet' other registrants. It is just you and your materials and here and there, I drop in!

Builds Upon or Leads into Other Training

Are you brand new to IndiCrow Academy? This is a great place to start. *This course will work as an 'intro' layer into the more advanced courses I will be releasing in September and beyond.*

Are you a returning student? This layers well upon what you have learned in previous programming. We will be working with and extending the framework you have been learning.
Meet the instructor

Katie IndiCrow

Tune in to this recent podcast to hear me chat about how an auric field works:  Why We Feel Start Feeling (and Feel More) Energy – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (crow-medicine.com)
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